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Face The Challenge Of A Tractor-Trailer Accident With Resolve

If you or your loved one has suffered a serious injury in a crash with a big-rig tractor-trailer, your situation is likely critical. Wherever you are on the path to recovery, you need legal counsel to protect your right to compensation from negligent and responsible parties. Keeton Law Firm, PLLC, is here for you.

How A Lawyer On Your Case Can Help You Maximize Compensation

A car accident is often (although not always) a straightforward case involving one other driver. A tractor-trailer accident, on the other hand, is often complex, possibly involving a combination of responsible parties from among the following:

  • The truck driver, who may have committed a traffic violation, been fatigued or neglected to inspect the truck before setting out on his or her route
  • The owner of the tractor portion of the truck (the part with the motor, driven by the trucker), who may or may not be the same as the driver
  • The owner of the trailer portion of the big rig – the part including the cargo
  • The driver of another vehicle that forced you into a truck’s path
  • Manufacturers and/or service providers such as installation, repair and inspection of truck components: brakes, tires, lights and the linking apparatus, for example
  • A loading dock company that was responsible for putting the cargo in the truck’s trailer
  • A dispatching company that sent the trucker on a particular route
  • Multiple insurers backing the above-listed people and organizations

With multiple insurers and perhaps multiple expert witnesses to call, it is essential to work with a personal injury law firm with a strong track record of results.

Car Or Truck Vs. Tractor-Trailer

Common sense dictates who is likely on the losing end of this scenario when there is an accident.

Tractor-trailer accidents can cause catastrophic injuries to you, your friends and your family in these smaller passenger vehicles.

When you are involved in a tractor-trailer accident, we need to act early to preserve evidence. When appropriate, Keeton Law Firm, PLLC will hire an accident reconstructionist and an investigator to obtain critical evidence to prove you were not at fault.

C. Brent Keeton of Keeton Law Firm, PLLC has represented tractor-trailer companies with his past experience as an insurance defense attorney. This unique insight can prove to be invaluable in your case.

Get Started On The Road To Full Recovery

No matter where you are in your journey of reclaiming your life after a tractor-trailer accident, we are ready to do all that we can to help get you back on your feet in more ways than one. To schedule a free initial consultation with attorney C. Brent Keeton, call 931-400-2548 or complete our online inquiry form.