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C. Brent Keeton at Keeton Law Firm, PLLC, has extensive experience trying DUI and criminal cases in Coffee County and throughout Tennessee. We handle these cases efficiently and effectively. Our knowledge of the local court systems helps us get things done quickly. When coming to our office, we get to know your circumstances and work toward providing you with the best possible resolution.

Why Experienced Representation Matters

As DUI law is more complex than commonly thought, a number of individuals find themselves facing arrest and unsure about their options. In Tennessee, a DUI can be more than driving while under the influence of alcohol. It can involve taking prescription pills or being under the influence of illegal drugs such as marijuana. There is also such a thing as DUI by allowance where someone gives permission to another individual to drive who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Though the law is not always clear, the consequences of a DUI conviction can be extremely severe. Individuals convicted of DUI face:

  • Fines
  • Jail time
  • Driver’s license suspension
  • Suspension of a commercial license
  • Mandatory installation of ignition interlock systems on their vehicles
  • Mandatory drug and alcohol treatment

The penalties become even harsher with subsequent convictions. Multiple violations can result in felony charges — as can causing an injury-related accident while under the influence.

C. Brent Keeton has helped so many people in similar circumstances, and we understand what you are going through. Our firm’s knowledge of the local court system helps us to provide you with the kind of representation that is difficult to locate. We routinely handle suppression issues to help keep evidence out of the court hearing. As we keep up to date regarding changes to the law, we know how to appropriately challenge Breathalyzer and blood tests. We know how to cross-examine law enforcement officers who made arrests and conducted field sobriety tests.

Our dedication to helping you means that we will be there from the moment you first call us until your case is entirely resolved.

The Resources To Help You

When facing an arrest for a DUI, you may be also facing a number of pressing personal issues. We have lots of contacts within the community of Manchester. We know who to call to get you the help that you need and deserve. This includes issues with drug and alcohol dependence. When problems arise, we will get on the telephone and speak to the people who can help you and who can get things done.

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