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Motorcycle Accidents

A motorcycle driver has the same right to use the road as any other driver. Unfortunately, not everyone looks out for motorcycles that are legally riding on the highway. It is also sad to say that some still hold the incorrect view and stereotype that if you are hurt in a motorcycle accident that you have “assumed the risk” of being in an accident. This simply (and thankfully) is NOT the law in Tennessee.

Motorcycle accidents often involve very serious injuries to the motorcycle driver and rider. These motorcycle accidents tend to be more traumatic than car wrecks between passenger vehicles.

Keeton Law Firm, PLLC has helped many injured motorcycle drivers and passengers secure compensation for their injuries. We incorporate the most qualified expert witnesses (such as accident reconstructionists) to prove your case and show what happened in the accident.

It is critically important that the motorcycle is preserved in its exact damaged state with no changes, fixes, or modifications. It is evidence!  Do NOT let the insurance company take control of your motorcycle and buy it!

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